Book of Lists

The three books I made in the first part of this year have to do with the idea of storage. The act of storing implies a list to keep track of what one stores. I used the process of storing and listing as a way to generate ideas. 

The book of lists enumerates five or six different types of lists as a way expand points of view, compare topics, contrast goals and discover contradictions. Each section examines a type of list, loosely based on a review I read of Umberto Eco’s book “The Vertigo of Lists” which I was unable to get ahold of until later. Each of his chapters is based on a type of list beautifully illustrated with examples of art. My goal was the illustration of an idea generated by a specific type of list.

The “accordion for small things” is a blank version of the Book of Lists for the user to store things in the envelopes and then list things on the pages in between.  

The “Collection of portraits” is a direct result of one of the chapters in the Book of Lists: an example of how ideas or concepts can grow into a book. Everything is still taking shape and moving forward after this first draft of production.